Exclusive Interviews

31 Jan 2020

John Sullivan: President Trump charged me with improving relations between U.S. and Russia

2 Oct 2019

Mohammed Barkindo: If you sanction an oil producing country and target its oil, you are sanctioning the global community

1 Aug 2019

Sergei Ryabkov: Every option will be on the table as regards deployment of U.S. missiles

18 Jul 2019

Heiko Maas: Berlin wants to hold Normandy format meeting at political level as soon as possible

26 Apr 2019

Zalmay Khalilzad: U.S., Russia, China agree that intra-Afghan meeting in Doha should happen as soon as possible

21 Mar 2019

Jens Stoltenberg: NATO planning for future without INF Treaty and with more Russian nuclear missiles in Europe

26 Feb 2019

Laurie Bristow: My top priority for 2019 is to stabilize relationship between UK and Russia

30 Jan 2019

Wolfgang Büchele: Trade, trust between German and Russian partners is growing but new U.S. sanctions could hinder further progress

18 Jan 2019

Heiko Maas: Ball is clearly in Russia‘s court as far as preservation of INF Treaty is concerned

11 Jan 2019

Natalia Veselnitskaya: The case against me is propensity evidence in sheep‘s clothing

5 Jan 2019

Fahad Al-Attiyah: We are still suffering a lot of damage as a result of the blockade

12 Dec 2018

Amin Awad: Return of Syrian refugees should not be linked to political processes

9 Nov 2018

Markus Ederer: EU and Russia are and will remain very important energy partners

24 Oct 2018

John Bolton: Meeting between Putin, Trump in Paris in November to take place

10 Oct 2018

Jim Bridenstine: It is my intention to make sure we keep our relationship strong and not let space get entangled with terrestrial challenges

10 Jul 2018

Jens Stoltenberg: Dialogue with Russia is not easy, but it is essential