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12/17 20:55   Russian deputy DM, UN under-secretary-general discuss Syrian humanitarian situation
12/17 20:46   'Non-citizens' issue remains in Estonia - Russian ambassador
12/17 20:45   Armenia says honors commitments in biological laboratory researches
12/17 20:40   Volker's statements on Kerch incident reveal who are its 'authors' - State Duma's Slutsky
12/17 20:32   Oreshkin to participate in WTO Ministerial Conference on WEF's sidelines
12/17 20:29   Rappers have right to perform their music - Russian human rights commissioner
12/17 20:07   Conniving with extremists leads to chaos - Putin
12/17 20:00   Putin tells human rights council he has nothing against Network extremists' advocate Ponomaryov
12/17 19:56   Ruble little changed against dollar, euro in evening trading

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Industry-Specific Surveys Issued in 2008

  • World Financial Crisis and Russia's Export Potential (Preview)
  • Major Russian Holdings in 2007-2008: New Challenges and Opportunities (Preview)
  • Russia's Oil Sector in 2007 (Preview)
  • Russia's Gas Industry in 2007-2008 (Preview)
  • Russia's Coal Industry in 2007 (Preview)
  • Russia's Ferrous Metals Sector in 2007-2008 (Preview)
  • Russia's Non-Ferrous Metals Industry in 2007-2008 (Preview)
  • Russia's Automotive Market in 2007-2008 (Preview)
  • Russia's Seaports in 2007-2008 (Preview)
  • Russia's Construction Sector in 2007-2008 - A Comprehensive Insight (Preview)
  • Russia's Retail Market in 2007 - A Comprehensive Insight (Preview)
  • Russia's Markets for Goods and Services: the Day After - A Comprehensive Insight(Preview)
  • Russia's Agriculture in 2007-2008 (Preview)
  • Russia's Timber, Woodworking, Pulp and Paper Industry in 2007-2008 (Preview)
  • Russia's Textile and Clothing Industry in 2007-2008 (Preview)
  • Russia's Media Sector (Preview)

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UNHCR Middle East and North Africa Bureau Director and Regional Refugee Coordinator for the Iraq and Syria Situations Amin Awad has visited Moscow for consultations with representatives of various Russian agencies and given an interview to Interfax in which he speaks about the humanitarian situation in Syria, Libya, and Yemen, as well as the migrant crisis in Europe.

Head of the EU Delegation to Russia Markus Ederer has given an interview to Interfax in which he speaks about prospects of normalizing relations between EU and Russia, the EU readiness to take part in the post-war reconstruction of Syria, and about how the EU is going to protects its companies working with Iran in the light of new U.S. sanctions.

U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton has given a press conference at Interfax in the wake of his visit to Russia, in which he speaks about results of his visit, U.S. President Donald Trumps decision to withdraw from the INF Treaty, plans for a meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin and others issues.

New NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is on a first trip to Russia. After visiting Star City and speaking to students at Moscow State University, he went to Baikonur Cosmodrome, where he met with Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin to discuss the joint exploration of space and where the two plan to watch the launch of an expedition to the International Space Station. Bridenstine spoke to Interfax correspondents Dmitry Veklich and Nikolay Vlasov about the prospects of carrying out joint space flights, the future of the International Space Station, and Russia-U.S. cooperation in building manned infrastructure in lunar orbit.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has given an interview to Interfax ahead of the alliances summit in Brussels on July 11-12, in which he about Russias place on the summits agenda and how NATO is going to build relations with Russia.

U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton visited Moscow on June 27 to lay the groundwork for the first full-fledged meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump.

UK Ambassador to Russia Laurie Bristow has given an interview to Interfax in which he speaks about the level of cooperation with Russia as part of preparations for the FIFA World Cup, his expectation as to the number of British fans who will come to Russia and other aspects of preparing for the tournament.


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