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03/24 16:57   Russian Foreign Ministry denies reports on S-300 systems being sent to Abkhazia (Part 2)
03/24 16:53   Atambayev wants to meet with Trump in September
03/24 16:51   Moldovan president calls for stopping "Romanization" of his country
03/24 16:49   Ukrainian citizen Parshov shot, killed ex-State Duma deputy Voronenkov - Ukrainian interior minister's advisor (Part 2)
03/24 16:49   Putin expected to visit China in May, September - representative of Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party (Part 2)
03/24 16:48   Communist Party to propose parliamentary probe into Navalny's reports at State Duma on Friday
03/24 16:46   Trend to lower key rate in medium-term exists, but Central Bank will move cautiously - Nabiullina
03/24 16:44   Govt orders for new weapons 98% fulfilled in 2016 - Shoigu (Part 2)
03/24 16:44   Le Pen says to develop relations with Russia if elected president of France
03/24 16:39   Le Pen speaks in favor of intelligence exchange between France, Russia to combat terrorism (Part 2)  |  Interfax news  |  Israeli demand to be recognized as Jewish state...

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November 29, 2013 12:32

Israeli demand to be recognized as Jewish state inappropriate - Palestinian Ambassador

MOSCOW. Nov 29 (Interfax) - The demand of Israel to be recognized as a Jewish state is an attempt of Tel Aviv to obstruct the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, said Palestinian Ambassador in Moscow Fayed Mustafa.

"Israel sets new conditions every now and then, for instance, it insists on the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. This is an odd condition about as good as a state demanding to be recognized on the basis of religious features," says the Ambassador's article dedicated to the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People observed on November 29. The article was obtained by Interfax.

"The Israeli demand was put forth by [Israeli Prime Minister] Mr. Netanyahu only three years ago seeking to obstruct the peace process," the diplomat continued.

"If they want to rename Israel something else, they should file the name change request with the United Nations," he suggested.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) recognized the State of Israel back in 1993 in the course of the mutual recognition process, which prepared the ground for signing the Oslo Accords, Mustafa recalled.

"The Arab countries that signed a peace treaty with Israel [Egypt and Jordan] were not required to recognize Israel as the Jewish state," he added.

"By the way, advisors to U.S. President Harry Truman asked him in 1948 to recognize the Jewish state but he crossed out that [name] and wrote "The State of Israel" instead," Mustafa said in his article.

The diplomat dismissed accusations of the alleged Palestinian hindering of the political settlement with Israel.

"We do not set preconditions for the resumption of the negotiations but we want Israel to honor the commitments it undertook under the earlier agreements, the roadmap, the Middle East Quartet's statements and international legal resolutions as a whole," he said.

"We honor our commitments and reckon with the conditions set by the international community, and no one can accuse us of hindering the negotiations and the political process," the diplomat wrote.

He accused Israel of not being serious about negotiations with the Palestinians.

"Sixteen rounds of negotiations with the Israelis have been held but we cannot say that any significant results have been achieved as of yet," he said.

"Every practical step Israel takes clearly signals that it is not being serious, especially the settlement activity of Israel which continues to build thousands of homes on the Palestinian lands where an independent Palestinian state is supposed to be created," Mustafa said.

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March 24, 2017
Trend to lower key rate in medium-term exists, but Central Bank will move cautiously - Nabiullina
Govt orders for new weapons 98% fulfilled in 2016 - Shoigu (Part 2)
Le Pen says to develop relations with Russia if elected president of France
Le Pen speaks in favor of intelligence exchange between France, Russia to combat terrorism (Part 2)
Putin, Russian Security Council permanent members discuss attack on National Guard base in Chechnya - Peskov
CB estimates ruble deviation from fundamental value to be much lower than MinFin - Nabiullina
Putin-Le Pen meeting did not address financial assistance to her election campaign - Kremlin (Part 2)
Quotations for Russian Eurobonds in US dollars
Quotations for Russian Eurobonds in euros and rubles
Volodin expects contacts between Russian, French parliamentarians to resume after presidential election in France
Russian Deputy FM Karasin meets U.S. ambassador to discuss Donbas, Moldova
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OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has given an interview to Interfax in which he speaks about his vision of the Ukrainian settlement and the role of the SMM OSCE in it, about conditions under which EU sanctions against Russia can be lifted at any time and tells about what he values in his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

Pakistani Minister of Planning, Development and Reform Ahsan Iqbal has given an interview to Interfax in the wake of his visit to Moscow in which he speaks about prospects of interaction between Russia and Pakistan in various spheres, prospects of Russias joining the China-Pakistan economic corridor project, the settlement in Afghanistan and prospects of Pakistans joining the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

Head of the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Russia, Belarus and Moldova Magne Barth has explained the position of the ICRC on interaction with Russian military in Syria. Earlier the Russian Defense Ministry called the ICRC reaction regarding the death of two Russian medical workers in a strike on a Russian military hospital in Syrias Aleppo cynical.


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