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May 02, 2013 17:09

Estonia explains denial of asylum to Afghan military interpreter

TALLINN. May 2 (Interfax) - Estonia's prime minister said on Thursday that the reason why the Baltic country had denied asylum to an Afghan who had worked as an interpreter for Estonian soldiers in Afghanistan was alleged normalization of the situation in Afghanistan.

"For example, one can move through the streets of Kabul much more freely than in 2006. The city presents a different picture - people feel more free, children can go to school and receive a normal education," Andrus Ansip told a news conference.

In his asylum application, the Afghan said he and his family were receiving death threats for cooperating with NATO armed forces.

Ansip claimed that his government's refusal on Wednesday to grant asylum to the interpreter was a "humanitarian" and not a political move. He argued that it was an accepted international practice that a government does not make public its reasons for the refusal of asylum or a visa.

However, the government has come under fire within Estonia for refusing to shelter a man who is getting death threats for serving the European country.

Well-known journalist Ahto Lobjakas, in a comment to Estonian website Delfi on Thursday, accused the government of "treachery to the history of Estonia," pointing out that in the past many Estonians owed their survival to being granted asylum abroad.

"Estonia has fallen short of boldness and a sense of honor," Lobjakas said. "One possible reason for this decision was our racist tendencies in debates on migration."

"Britain has granted asylum to about 1,000 people who cooperated with it in Iraq, and, most likely, will do more of this. The United States has granted asylum to interpreters from among Afghans," the journalist said.

Citing experts, he said Kabul and its immediate vicinity were the only territory in Afghanistan to be under NATO control, and that the Afghan armed forces would fall apart for "ethnic and tribal" reasons as soon as the North Atlantic alliance pulls out of the country.


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July 01, 2016
WADA confidential informant Stepanova used doping, it's unfair to clear her for games - State Duma committee head Svishchev (Part 2)
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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has given an interview to Interfaxs correspondent Alexander Korzun ahead of the alliances summit in Warsaw due on July 8-9 in which he speaks about place of the Russian topic on the summits agenda and Russia-NATO relations in general.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given an interview to Interfax ahead of his visit to Russia in which he speaks about the influence that his personal relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin have on the development of interstate ties, about Israels plans regarding new gas fields and said that Israel will into allow Syria to turn into a source of aggression. This will be Netanyahus third visit in under a year.

Indonesian Ambassador to Russia Wahid Supriyadi has given an interview with Interfax in which he speaks about the results of the Russia-ASEAN summit, prospects for achieving an agreement on oil production freeze in OPEC, Indonesian-Russian military and technological cooperation and the launch of direct air communication between Indonesia and Russia.


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