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April 22, 2013 11:48

Putin to hold conference on Russian economic development prospects in Sochi (Part 2)

MOSCOW. April 22 (Interfax) - President Vladimir Putin will hold a conference in Sochi on Monday involving the prime minister, the economic sector of the Cabinet, members of the Kremlin administration and experts to discuss the prospects of the Russian economy given fundamental negative trends on the world market.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev suggested holding such a conference during his meeting with Putin in the Kremlin last Monday. He said he instructed Cabinet members "to involve experts to prepare proposals related to how we are to resist this international trend and to try to give additional impulses to the development of the Russian economy."

Putin in turn suggested inviting "experts to listen to different points of view and to find optimal variants."

"The global crisis is taking a more and more dangerous shape, which inevitably affects us. This is how it was in 2008 and now we are witnessing the same. Though, unlike our friends and partners in Europe and other world regions, the Russian economy is showing its vitality and opportunities of further growth," Putin said.

At the same time, Putin said that in late 2012 - early 2013, "the speed of economic growth decreased slightly and the real sector shrank even more."

"Considering how the world economy, the European economy is developing, this, of course, impacts the development of our economy too. We are forced to make sufficiently tough decisions related to shaping the budget for the future period and the execution of the budget that we already have," Medvedev said.

In his opinion, the tendencies in the Russian economy are multidirectional, "unfortunately, there are slowdowns but there are also several favorable positions which should be used."

Last week the Economic Development Ministry downgraded the main indicators of its economic development forecast. The GDP growth estimate was reduced from 3.6% to 2.4%, industrial production from 3.6% to 2% and investment in capital assets from 6.5% to 4.6%.

Economic Development Minister Andrei Belousov said the Russian economy risks slipping into recession this autumn unless additional measures to stimulate economic growth are undertaken.

However, Vice Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov disagreed with the opinion. "There is no recession. There is dissatisfaction in the expert community and the government with the situation that is emerging," he said at the Russia 2013 forum last Thursday.

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November 26, 2014
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Australian Ambassador to Russia Paul Myler has given an interview to Interfax ahead of the G20 summit in Brisbane in which he speaks about the MH17 crash, the reasons for joining the West‘s sanctions against Russia and explained why Australia expects changes in Russia‘s food policy by March 2015.

The name Arkady Rotenberg has been in the news far more frequently than usual in recent months. The billionaire was hit by the first wave of European Union sanctions against Russia, and has already challenged this decision in court. Recently it was reported that the businessman has sold part of his assets to his eldest son. Arkady Rotenberg spoke in an interview with Interfax about whether there was a link between these two developments, the impact of sanctions on his business, his friendship with President Vladimir Putin and many other topics.

Pakistani Ambassador to Russian Zaheer Aslam Janjua has given an interview to Interfax in which he speaks about prospects for supplying more Pakistani food products to Russia, the quality of such products and invites Russian companies to implement infrastructural projects in Pakistan.


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