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10/17 12:25   ECHR awards Navalny brothers over 80,000 euros in compensation in Yves Rocher case
10/17 12:24   No leaks to prove Russian interference in U.S. presidential election - Lavrov
10/17 12:22   Moscow believes Trump still committed to improving relations with Russia - Lavrov
10/17 12:22   U.S. ideas may break Iranian nuclear deal - Ryabkov
10/17 12:21   Based on ECHR judgment, Navalny defense to demand Russian Supreme Court close Yves Rocher case - lawyer
10/17 12:20   Ryakov says he doesn't plan to meet with Shannon within next two weeks
10/17 12:15   Communications ministry proposes storing data for one month under Yarovaya law
10/17 12:12   Parameters of concession for Northern Latitudinal Railway changed - paper
10/17 12:08   Russian CEC head: Navalny misinterprets Constitution
10/17 12:07   Iran nuclear deal close to being optimal - Ryabkov  |  Site map

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Filipino Ambassador to Russia Carlos Sorreta has given an interview to Interfax in which he speaks about prospects for Russian-Filipino cooperation in the military-technical sphere, as well possible cooperation on anti-terrorism, energy, investments and tourism.

Sudanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs Atta Elmanan Bakhit has given an interview to Interfax during his visit to Moscow in which he speaks about a visit of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to Russia, bilateral Russian-Sudanese economic and military cooperation and describes sanctions in the global politics as "immoral and illegal".


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